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QuietRock - Tec Agencies Ltd Canada

QuietRock sound reducing drywall offers outstanding acoustic performance without sacrificing valuable floor space. QuietRock products are developed with patented "thin wall technologies" to improve Sound Transmission Class (STC) performance using less material and time needed to install. Often, QuietRock outperforms multiple layers of gypsum drywall and can exceed STC requirements for most wall applications and is more reliable than resilient channel.QuietRock products range from 1/2", 5/8", and 1-3/8” thicknesses, providing options for specific design and soundproofing goals.

Stop noise from crashing through with QuietRock.

Original and most advanced sound reducing drywall products to reduce noise in your projects. – Hangs and finishes like regular drywall -Lower installed cost compared to other methods – Proven in Thousands of projects – UL-classified, Type X fire-rated assemblies available.

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