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De Neef® solutions provide leak sealing and water control in underground construction and soil stabilization. We can stop any type of leak in any type of structure.

Our injection grouts cover the full range of products for sealing leaks and controlling water and providing solutions for soil stabilization. On many projects, our grouts and products are used together as a complete system. But our fast, proven and durable products are just the start.

No matter what the leak, we've got you covered — anytime, anywhere.

De Neef Waterproofing injection Tec Agencies

Leaks that are stopped once will remain stopped.

De Neef® has become the world's most trusted brand. The major advantages include the fact that they are easy to use, are not diluted, and can be applied quickly and reliably. The portfolio is mostly based on single-component, closed cell, hydrophobic polyurethanes, which are both durable and lasting.

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