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Rockfon acoustical ceiling panels are designed to provide acoustic ceiling solutions that are beautiful while creating healthy, comfortable spaces. Sound-absorbing, acoustic ceiling panels reduce unwanted noise and its negative impact on occupants in large, open office and co-working spaces. In addition to helping provide a good acoustic experience, office ceiling tiles that absorb sound at high-performance levels also meet today’s stricter acoustics standards.

Our complete ceiling solutions offer you a choice of benefits to meet the needs of your project’s aesthetic and performance goals.

Our products not only deliver optimized acoustic experiences, but we are dedicated to sustainability, energy efficiency, and the health of people and our planet.

Product Benefits

combine performance and aesthetics


The Optimized Acoustics™️ approach takes into consideration how the right combination of highly absorptive stone wool or metal ceiling panels, robust walls and floor slabs, and background sound work together to optimize the acoustics in a room. There are three steps to optimized acoustics: 1. Optimize Acoustic Absorption 2. Optimize Sound Insulation 3. Optimize Sound Levels

Light Reflection & Diffusion

Rockfon's bright white, stone wool, acoustical ceiling panels offer the right combination of direct versus indirect light, high light reflectance and diffusion, for a better overall lighting experience and increased energy efficiency. Rockfon's white, acoustic stone wool ceiling panels reflect up to 86 percent of all available light, dispersing natural light more effectively.

Fire Performance

Our fire-resistant stone wool ceiling materials can delay the spread of fire and provide the vital extra minutes needed to limit property damage and help people reach safety. Every second counts once a fire has started. Our stone wool products will not develop toxic smoke. The core material is non-combustible. It does not contribute to the development and spread of fire, even when directly exposed to flames.

Hygiene and Cleanliness

Hygienic ceiling tiles and systems help reduce the spread of infection and uphold the highest levels of cleanliness Building material surfaces, including ceiling tiles, play an important role in controlling the spread of bacteria and infection. Rockfon's stone wool ceiling products meet all of these criteria. This makes them well suited for hospitals, medical clinics, laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturers, food processing facilities, restaurants and clean rooms.

Mold Resistant

Mold is a fungus that reproduces through airborne spores and start growing when they land on a damp, organic substances – which can include wood, drywall and other materials used in ceiling panels. Our stone wool and metal ceiling products do not promote the growth of mold or bacteria. There is no need to use fungicides or antimicrobials. High levels of contaminants and unwanted noise results in loss of concentration, bad odors, and irritation.


All Rockfon®️ Chicago Metallic™️ ceiling suspension systems are tested per ASTM E3090, C635 and compliant with ASTM E580 requirements and capable of meeting all Seismic Design Categories (SDCs). Combining our grid with our seismic tested perimeter and separation joint solutions creates a complete solution that not only performs but also reduces installation time, speeds up inspection, saves on material and labor costs and improves the aesthetics of the finished ceiling.

Humidity and Water Resistant

Our stone wool ceiling products stand up to humidity. Stone wool is a hydrophobic material, it does not absorb water or hold moisture. This makes stone wool ceiling panels not only humidity-resistant but also sag-resistant. They are dimensionally stable even up to 100 percent relative humidity (RH) and in temperatures ranging from 32 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit (0 to 40 degrees Celsius).

Indoor Environmental Quality

Ceiling materials with low emission levels, natural resistance to mold and microorganisms, and high acoustic comfort contribute to improved indoor environmental quality (IEQ). The health and wellness benefits of IEQ, including mitigating poor indoor air quality (IAQ), are recognized by LEED, WELL and other green building standards.The first area of IEQ we are going to review is the importance of indoor air quality.

Aesthetics & Design

Achieve your acoustic ceiling ideas through design flexibility and inspiration, our breadth of acoustic ceiling systems meet almost any décor and aesthetic you can imagine. Beyond the modern monolithic look of smooth, white, 2x2 panel-and-grid drop ceiling system solutions, today’s interior ceiling design ideas explore many different styles from a bold accent to a subtle shadow to a signature, custom creation.

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